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I’m just returning from a long weekend visit to Costa Rica and while the Costa Rican people have far fewer gadgets and luxuries, by comparison to the ‘developed’ USA, I’ve seldom seen happier folks. They value family first & foremost, they are fulfilled by growing their own food and eating largely organic foods, picked from the trees on their land.

We’ve long reiterated that one of the most valuable services we give our clients is TIME to devote to whatever passions they wish to pursue. So, would you rather live your retirement years wondering what you don’t know that MAY be undercutting  a lifetime of savings, or entrusting seasoned Fiduciary Fee-Only CFP® Practitioners, like Asta & me, to keep current on tax & estate planning law changes, and recommending money saving strategies?

The decision has been an easy one for our clients; why wait?

  • CAUTION: please call us before rolling 401(k) monies into an IRA; there are nuances that could mean terrific savings, OR cost you hard earned dollars
  • IF you may not have saved ‘enough’ (and that’s a relative term) for a truly Empowered Retirement, perhaps instead of delaying, you may well be able to retire from your main job and pick up a meaningful side source of income to bridge any financial gaps. We have helped clients do just that.
  • And if you are an August vacationer, tune in to our money-saving car rental advice


Make it an Empowered August,


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Debra L. Morrison

The Roth strategy we wish we’d built for early retirement

By Tanja Hester

There is a lot to love about a Roth — here’s why


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Pros and Cons of Rolling Your 401(k) Into an IRA

We tell you when it makes sense to move your 401(k) account to an IRA — and when it’s smart to stay put.

By Sandra Block

When you leave a job, you pack up your family photos, the spare pair of dress shoes stashed under your desk, your “I Love My Corgi” coffee mug and all your other personal items. But what do you do with your 401(k) plan?

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How to Find a Bridge Job or Second Career Before Retirement

Second careers may offer flexibility and a sense of purpose.

By Rebecca Koenig

Bridge jobs are obviously helpful to older individuals who want to keep working. But they’re also beneficial to employers, more of whom recognize the value of hiring and retaining experienced employees, although age discrimination is still an impediment.

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“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
— Carl Bard

Did You Know?

Fee-Only financial planners are the only financial planners who work for you, the consumer, rather than in their own interests? Other financial planners’ fees are based upon commissions or fee + commissions; meaning they will sell you the financial products that will benefit their pocketbooks the most, regardless of whether they benefit you or not!

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In this issue…

  • The Roth strategy we wish we’d built for early retirement
  • Pros and Cons of Rolling Your 401(k) Into an IRA
  • How to Find a Bridge Job or Second Career Before Retirement
  • 5 money-saving tips to do before your next trip abroad
  • …and more!

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5 money-saving tips to do before your next trip abroad

Planning a summer trip abroad?

By Jeanie Ahn of Yahoo Finance

This year, Americans plan to spend an average of $2,236 on family vacations, according to NerdWallet. If you’re splurging on an international vacation, that money can go very quickly so here are 5 things you need to do before your trip that’ll save you big.

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“Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is.”
— Seth Godin

How to save on your summer rental car

When renting a car this summer, be wary of hidden fees and extra charges.

by Sharon Epperson and Jessica Dickler

Here’s how to avoid those costs, and even save money on your overall bill during the peak driving season.

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Money won’t make you happier. Time will.

Almost everyone wants to talk about how busy or tired they are.

By Deepak Chopra and Kabir Sehgal

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