The Rest of the Story

Warren Buffet was quoted over the weekend saying the economy is in shambles and that it will last for the rest of this year. Not sure that’s news, yet it’s surely captured headlines. In fact, Buffett may have needed (he surely wanted) to refocus some of the VERY negative spot light on him, given that his investments, including Berkshire Hathaway suffered the worst year in it’s history, by a VERY large margin. Don’t get me wrong, I like Warren Buffet, yet I’m NOT sure this is a time for him to be spouting off; perhaps he should stick to his knitting.

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Mind-Bending Rebar Iron

Yes, you read right. I partnered with my Internet marketing guru, Michael Tasner, at a business development conference in San Francisco. We stood 6 feet apart, rested each end of a 6 foot long Rebar Iron bar in the soft spot located in the front of our throats, just under our adam’s apple. We looked into each other’s eyes, and concentrated on both our current power, as well as having drawn up former powerful images of ourselves by the instructor.

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Don’t Get Duped by High-Yield Bonds

As much of the nation’s focus is on the soon-to-be-passed Stimulus Bill, and the tragic Buffalo plane crash, there’s other news that bears notice. This week, corporations have rushed to take advantage of the opportunity to raise capital, in order to … Continue reading →