Debra translates “investment speak” into understandable language by relating complex terms to everyday experiences. She has written and developed Books, CDs and DVD products to answer some commonly asked questions, that will steer you in the direction of achieving your goals both financially and personally.

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Knowledge is power, and knowing what to focus upon will save you hundreds of hours of nosing around in all the wrong media places. Remember, the goal of the press is to keep you engaged in their constant stream of bluster. This is FAR different from, and generally in direct opposition to, your money goals.

“As with any medium-to-long term, worthy goal, let’s view this challenge to manage our money with resolve, rather than feeling victimized by our money. Let’s invest like the pros, and receive the financial rewards accordingly. Walk with me on this financial path then, as WISE women.” Debra Signing Book

MP3 of Debra's talk at the College for Financial Planners

MP3 of Debra’s talk at the

College for Financial Planners

on Monday, April 30th 2012

College for Financial Planning Speech mp3

Empowered Boomers

Empowered Boomers

Compounding Wealth

by Capitalizing On Boomer

Gender Differences


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Common Sense Money Guide for WomenCommon Sense Money Guide for Women

Digital Download

Common Sense Guide to Investing

Physical Book $12.95

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Wise Women's Guide to InvestingAudio Set:

Wise Women’s Guide to Investing

WISE Womens Guide to Investing

Ms Morrison's Updated Dictionary of Useful Financial Investment Terms

Ms Morrison’s

Updated Dictionary of Useful

Financial Investment Terms

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New Widow Financial LifelineNew Widow Financial Lifeline

What Widows Need Next

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