Debra L. Morrison: 

Certified Financial Planner™

  • Master’s Degree in Retirement Planning
  • Accredited Estate Planner

“It is so critical to avoid making mistakes in the last ½–the best ½–of your life, so that you can maximize your retirement and your legacy. Yet, I encounter so many people who are paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake that they do nothing, which can be even a BIGGER mistake!”

Debra utilizes her 38 years of experience to translate complex financial concepts into easy-to-follow practical steps to:

  • identify and manage risks
  • save for college, the `smart’ way
  • design a diversified investment portfolio
  • determine when best to collect Social Security
  • strategize the best source of retirement cash flow
  • minimize income and/or estate taxes

Debra is passionate about educating women on Investing, Tax Minimization and Strategic Retirement Planning, so their money outlives THEM!

She warns, “Compounding can work against you, just as powerfully as it can work FOR you!”

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Certified Financial Planner

But why would you with a Driver in your bag?

Similarly, with investing, various investments are more suitable than others; It all depends upon your GOALS!

“My goal is to empower you to make informed and confident decisions about your financial future; take action now.”

CFP Certificate

“It’s not enough to “get money right” once, we must consistently both protect and grow our portfolios.”