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Debra draws from a wealth of experience including heading her own firm for over 30 years. She has been featured on CNN, ABC, MSG’s Metro Money and CNNfn.  She co-hosted CNNfn’s live financial call-in show with Stuart Varney & later, John Metaxsis in 2000, offering independent financial advice to hundreds of CNNfn viewers.

You’ll find her quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Nation’s Business, Ladies Home Journal, The New York Times, Business Week, Family Money, Garden State Woman, Investment News, Dermatology Business Management, Journal of Financial Planning, Money, CNN Money, Financial Advisor, America Online’s Moneywise, The Star Ledger and Reader’s Digest.  Debra is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Her mom is most proud of Reader’s Digest 😉

Debra is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in Finance & Industry & Who’s Who of American Women as well as Nationwide Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Business.

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Your Questions Answered: Debra on Investopedia

June, 2016

Should I take my RMD early or wait until the end of the year?

While you may wish to time the receipt of your RMD to coincide with necessary cash flow to meet certain bills, you certainly do have a choice of when to take your distribution. Not sure what you mean by “take average withdrawals until the end of the year”.

All other things being equal, I prefer to shelter the income and capital gains within the IRA vehicle as long as I can, thus, we often wait until the middle of December each year to push out our clients’ RMDs.  Read More >>

Can an SEC licensed broker-dealer transfer your 401k account into an IRA without your permission?

No investment account may be transferred without the account holder’s (or their executor’s) signature, period. This would apply to a 401(k) being transferred, or Rolled into an IRA, AND/OR any other person, other than the account holder, gaining access to the account holder’s funds. Read More >>

Should I invest my inherited IRA in a variable annuity?

PLEASE say you haven’t done this yet!

In no way, shape or form should you consider investing an inherited IRA into another tax-sheltered investment, least of all an annuity, which contains substantial Mortality & Expense charges that would otherwise needlessly reduce your balance. Read More >>

Other Answers from Debra on Investopedia

What can we do if my ex-husband is trying to get his 401k to cash out from his previous employer but they are refusing to give it to him?

How much will I have to pay in taxes on an inherited 401k?

Do we have to pay taxes on a cash distribution from a trust fund? Is it considered wages/income on our tax return forms?

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Mrs.Jerry Emmett-A Woman To Emulate

HuffPost, July 2016

huffpostI am such an admirer of older women, I can’t hide it. I just LOVE the wisdom and wit of women’s stories and their ability to live through adversity, all the while championing children and others to work hard, form your beliefs, stoke your passions, and take action for positive change… Read More >>

Trumped-Up Math and CEO Comp Study

HuffPost, May 2016

huffpostThe AP’s CEO compensation study released this morning shows the median CEO pay RAISE (okay, not their pay…just this year’s raise) was $468,449; more than 10 times a typical worker’s ANNUAL salary.  Read More >>

Elizabeth Hamilton on the Face of $10 Bill

HuffPost, April 2016

huffpostCokie Roberts wrote of Elizabeth’s valor, ingenuity and resourcefulness, as opposed to her “philandering liar husband, Alexander” as a fitting choice to grace the FRONT of the $10 bill; I couldn’t agree more.  Read More >>

3 qualities all advisers’ outsourcing partners should share

Investment News, Feb 2015

I recently participated in a panel on the subject of outsourcing at the Women Adviser Summit hosted by InvestmentNews. Since the event, I’ve had time to think further about the topic and to discuss it with our panel moderator, Marion Asnes, and co-panelist Heather Hooper, who is the vice president of retirement strategies for my trusted outsource partner, Loring Ward.

We all realized that the topic we were addressing went far beyond a decision to outsource certain functions or processes. Rather, it went to the core of how we want to live our lives, professionally as well as personally. If that seems like a stretch, let me explain. Read More >>

My Husband Died, How Can I Be Thankful?

HuffPost, Nov 2014

huffpostHow can I possibly be thankful when my beloved died this year? If your beloved died this year you may well be asking this question, audibly and under your breath. Read More >>

Female advisers share secrets for outsourcing

Investment News, Oct 2014

One strategy: Hiring a third party to free them up and boost business.  Read More >>

5 Costly Retirement Surprises

Kiplinger, February 2012

The reality of retirement may have a few shocks in store for you. Read More >>

10 Gifts That Keep on Giving

Main St., December 2011

The Wall Street Journal: How to Save $10,000.00 by Next Thanksgiving

Wall Street Journal, Nov 2011


Choose the Right Executor or Trustee

AARP, Apr 2011

…Every estate-planning expert has faced an executor or trustee who was unavailable when needed — whether because of disability, distance, or death. That’s why they harp on naming backups. “I see people name their parents or an old uncle because he used to work at a bank,” says Debra L. Morrison, a wealth manager at Trovena LLC in Lincoln Park, N.J. “That’s fine, but a trust has to include successor trustees.” Read More >>


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As a dynamic and powerful speaker with extensive knowledge and years of experience in financial planning, widows’ recovery and retirement planning,  Debra is frequently interviewed on her areas of expertise and passions, such as:

  • Wise Widows Walk:  One Step At A Time, From Recovery Of Loss To ABCs Of Financial Fitness
  • Knowing What You Don’t Know About Money: What You Don’t Know Could Bankrupt You!
  • Money As A Second Language: Translator Of  Financeese To Everyday Woman- Speak
  • Financial Recipes To Make Your Dough Rise – Managing Risk To Ensure Your Money Lasts LONGER Than You
  • The WISE Women’s Guide to Investing:  Watchful, Inquisitive, Strategic and Empowered Women Succeed With Their Money And Lives