Keynote Speaker Debra L. Morrison

One of the premiere female speakers on managing money and financial success

You can book any number of female speakers on the topic of money and personal finance, yet very few are actually managing money for clients and thus, accountable for portfolio success. Debra is that rare exception.

“I love engaging my audience; watching heads nod and smiles appear as they resonate and connect with my message. The energy of empowerment is palpable, the eagerness to take the next step contagious, and their appreciation heart-warming.”

Ms. Morrison keynoted for the Business & Professional Women’s Association for International Women’s Day, March, 2007 in Bristol, England. She’s spoken at both the 2006 and 2010 New Jersey Governor’s Conference for Women, Camp Widow West in both 2011 and 2012, and at the College for Financial Planning National Educational Conference in April, 2012.

Debra has developed and presented financial empowerment seminars for over three decades; motivating audiences of women & men to:

  • tease out both short & long term goals
  • build effectively-diversified investment portfolios to match & realize those goals
  • monitor progress & employ strategic rebalancing.

Motivational Speaker | Keynote Speaker

Banishing Bag Lady Fears: How to Make Your Dough Rise!

Because of the negative family and societal money messages that particularly mature women have received, Debra employs her trademark Five Es—Empathize, Eradicate Fears, Educate, Energize, Empower- to connect with suddenly-single women, or women who are nervous they aren’t quite prepared for retirement. Money is framed as merely an effective tool that will buy choices & participants leave with hope, renewed confidence and strategic money-making action steps.

New Widow Financial Lifeline: Practical Next Steps

Debra strikes a delicate balance between empathizing with widows’ grief at the same time she’s providing the vision and map for small steps forward as they recreate themselves & their families. Ms. Morrison gives step-by-step practical financial instructions in tandem with grief-processing exercises leaving participants with a sense of emotional, psychological and financial hope for a brighter future.

Why Aren’t We Better Investors? Positive Steps To Change That!

Ms. Morrison shares behavioral finance illustrations of how investors are their own worst enemy, missing out on, as she says, “groups of zeroes”. She emphasizes controlling what we can control and effectively matching our investments with our goals to better ensure success.

Understanding & Managing RISK as Your ‘Currency for Return’

Debra identifies & prioritizes the 10 major risks affecting every investment portfolio. You MAY be surprised at which risk tops that list, yet with proper management, even that risk can be mitigated so our retirements don’t have to be postponed. She explains historical risks and returns and warns, “we turn a blind eye to risk at our own peril”.

Powerful Passive Investing: WIN/WIN strategies

Wall Street won’t tell you that their Active investing strategies don’t outperform Passive Investing, yet history does! Debra illustrates the true costs of investing, inviting investors to pocket more of their return all the while reducing their portfolio risk through Passive Investing. It may surprise you what saving even ½ of 1% can compound to, inside your portfolio.